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This 360 yard par 4 is all about the tee shot. With out of bounds from tee to green to the left and a lateral water hazard creek tee to green to the right, this hole is outlined with danger. A right side fairway positioned tee shot will give you a great shot into a green that slopes left to right with a false front to it.

Hole two’s unique design is the longest hole on the course and with the first half of the hole being uphill, which makes it even longer. Totaling 505 yards, this par 5 can be rewarded with risk off the tee, but can also be punished with it as well. With out of bounds outlining the hole on the left, and the fairway sloping severely right to left on the uphill and sloping severely left to right on the way down, this hole requires patience from tee to green. With an uphill shot to a green that slopes back to front, there is no question why it is one of the toughest holes on the course.

This par 3 doesn’t look intimidating on the score card but can from the tee box. This 155 yard par 3 may only require a short iron because of its extreme downhill design. Hitting the green or just short is the ideal place to be because over the green is an almost impossible up and down.

Hole four is a par 4 dog leg left that totals 285 yards. What this hole lacks in distance it makes up with defense. Trees outline the fairway on both sides and a bunker at the end of the dog leg, this hole has the illusion of difficulty off the tee. A fairway positioned tee shot will give you the best chance at success and less than 100 yards into one of the flattest and largest greens on the course.

Totaling 172 from tee to green, this par 3 can be more difficult as it requires a longer iron or even a hybrid club off the tee depending on the wind. The green is the widest at Coulee but is very flat in the middle leaving straighter putts. A tee shot that is on the green or just short of the green is essential because the trees behind the green make it hard to get up and down for par.

The dog leg right par 5 is unique in many ways. With an uphill tee shot and out of bounds to the right of the trees, this tee shot is arguably the toughest tee shot at the Coulee. As you turn into the dog leg, it continues uphill as you approach your shot to the green. This green, which has many slopes to it, has a table top design and is guarded by a bunker in front. A tee shot that is down the middle or left off the tee, which avoids the OB area, leaves you in great place for the hole which is straight ahead from there.

This downhill dog leg left par 4 has a risk reward tee shot like so many great golf holes do. With it only being 349 yards long, the look from the elevated tee box has you staring at one of the largest trees on the course thinking you can hit over it no problem. Your second shot to an undulating green is also downhill which can make it tricky to make the best club selection. This green, which has a false front and slopes severely left to right in the front half, is arguably the most difficult green to putt on which can leave players frustrated walking to the eight tee.

A straight away par 4 which totals 351 yards long, has an elevated green, and a severe slope behind the green that makes this hole tough to judge the distance after the tee shot. A fairway positioned tee shot gives a player the best opportunity to give one of the hardest approach shots at the Coulee a chance to find the green and feel content after doing so. This green angles back to front and also has different slops that can leave players with long breaking putts. The best position on this green is always short of the pin as players will have a uphill putt at the hole.

The last hole at the Coulee takes the saying, saving the best for last, to a different level. The signature par 4 totals 434 yards long and is one of the best holes in the area for a lot of different reasons. Standing on the teeing ground you have a one of the best views of not only the course but of Main Street here in Onalaska WI. This two-tier downhill hole has a large pond that cuts the fairway in half leaving for a difficult tee shot. After the tee shot, the second shot for players can be a blind shot downhill again to one of the smallest greens at Coulee. Once on the green it slopes back to front leaving an uphill put at the hole for most players. With all of these attributes to the final hole, it has people left saying how it is the hardest hole at the Coulee Golf Bowl.